Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Can't Go Home Again

In between diligently studying the inside of my eyelids this weekend, there was time to explore (due to extreme boredom at the moment) some of the channels on the ol' Boob Tube that are not on the normal menu for consumption 'round here. I ran across The Looney Tunes Show on one of the cartoon networks. Apparently, it's a modern update to the old Warner Brother's classic shorts that we all grew up on.

Wow, does it ever suck. But, my opinion is no surprise, since I find the "new cleansed of violence and any other sort of objectionable material" cartoons to be as tepid as a bucket of warm spit. The classic shorts were intended for movie theater audiences and thus had broad appeal. The new cartoons are aimed at satisfying some sort of educational/societal panels who object to anything remotely offensive. Geez, what do you suppose humor requires?

Anyways, there was this one short:


Our old pal Marvin the Martian in a music video parody. I did get a large tee hee outta this one. Hope you do, too.

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