Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tiny Bullitt


This is too cool. The movie Bullitt has the best car chase scene ever, period. Slot cars? Love 'em. Wish I had a good set, the room, and someone who'd play with me - yep, I'd be livin' high on the hog for sure. But put the movie and slot cars together? Oh, man, chocolate in my peanut butter!(link)
It all started innocently enough. Mr. Day missed his boyhood Scalextrics track and decided to, in his words, “complete” his midlife crisis and buy a new one. For a few months he enjoyed whizzing the tiny electric cars around the track. The real trouble began, however, when he discovered that Pioneer Slot Cars was producing versions of the green 1968 Ford Mustang and black 1968 Dodge Charger used in filming what is among the most beloved car chases in cinema history.
Mr. Day decided that the world needed a tiny, slot-car version of the “Bullitt” chase. He built a small set and sent a few test photos to Pioneer. The company was thrilled and provided several slot-car Mustangs and Chargers — along with multiple McQueen figurines — so that Mr. Day could contort them as necessary to create his masterpiece.
Under the screen name Emigre, he recently posted a short trailer showing selected scenes from the chase at Slotforum.com. The clip sped across automotive sites like Jalopnik, Hemmings and Top Gear.

Mr. Day "missed his boyhood Scalextrics track." I can relate - only mine was an Aurora and later their more modern AFX snap together track. Years later, during a fit of housecleaning, my father decided it had to go. He did, however, keep his obsolete R/C equipment.

Ahhh, well.

This upcoming video? Can. Not. Wait.

And yes, I'm easily amused.


HEATHER said...

Wish I could get my hubby into cool toys like that!

Lisa Paul said...

Ha! Three of my car-obsessed buddies -- all English -- have posted this to Facebook.

drjim said...

WOW....I can *finally* afford that '67 Mark Donohue Camaro!