Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Not a good day here. My longtime buddy Oscar Leroy Deardorff III passed away today. Earlier this summer, he had problems with his vision. It turned out he had some malignant cancerous tumors in his brain. During treatment, more were found in his lungs. All were surgically removed. This fall, both his parents passed away within a month or so of each other. He didn't seem to be improving. The tumors in his brain were back and growing, plus his lungs and liver were also invaded. Pain management was his only option.

So, we all knew this day was coming.

I got to know Olie (his childhood nickname) when we were in kindergarten and grade school. We used to swap spending nights at each other's places - he'd ride the school bus out with me, or I'd stay in town with him. Over the years, he proved to be a fine friend - one who was always there for you if you needed him, and who, on the whole, was a hell of a lot of fun to be around. He was an ornery one for sure - but he was also well mannered, polite and respectful. All the girls loved him - he was a good lookin' devil and a great "catch." All the parents of us kids held him in high regard.

I could tell you some stories, but I won't. It's enough to know that he brightened every room he entered, was the consummate gentleman, and a stalwart friend.

I'm gonna miss him terribly. Rest in peace, old buddy. I'll see you again.


SteveK said...

Hi Jeff. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Oscar. I remember from years ago you talking about Oscar and all the things you did together. It's so hard to lose a best friend. My condolences to you and Oscar's family. -Cousin Steve

threecollie said...

I am so sorry Jeffro. Our prayers are with you.

MorningGlory said...

My condolences, Jeffro, on the loss of your friend. Hold on to your memories.

drjim said...

My condolences, Jeff.
I'll say a prayer for him tonight.
Rest easy, as he's in a better place now.

Frank W. James said...

It's always hard to lose a real friend. WE have so few of them in life. May God Bless you all...

All The Best,
Frank W. James