Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Comics

Bill Watterson was and is a truly brilliant artist. Look at how he caricatures the soap opera comics like Mary Worth or Rex Morgan, M.D. He also manages to convey the characters' emotions with facial expressions and posture quite effectively - far better than the stiff drawings found in the typical soaper. The details - Susie's outfit, the background furnishings, Calvin's suit, tie and pipe - remarkable. Of course it helps that the whole thing is funny as hell.

Scary Gary is a fairly new strip. Gary is a seven hundred year old vampire who has grown weary of it all and retired to the suburbs - where not surprisingly he really isn't all that welcome. Leopold is his reluctant monster minion - he'd much rather be out and about terrorizing the neighborhood (he sneaks out once in a while). Other characters include Owen - a morose ghost, Travis - a human head in a jar that Leopold mercilessly tortures, and a loving couple - two gay Frankenstein monsters (Frank and Steve). Both are fashion conscious body builders and devoted dog lovers. Various undead relatives wander in occasionally, plus a neighbor who is always trying to "kill" Gary and a young female vampire hunter. The whole thing appeals to my warped side.

And besides being creepy - wow, is the Burger King scary or what?

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Frank W. James said...

Jeffro: Chap. 17 is up at the novel blog. Don't want you hanging on those tenderhooks too long. :-)

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