Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shaken, Not Stirred

The Encore Action movie channel has been showing old James Bond flicks tonight. For Your Eyes Only and License to Kill, starring Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, respectively - and I find myself wishing there was at least a Sean Connery classic in the mix. Why?

When I was in high school and spending my own money on movies - I never missed a new James Bond. Even though that was the Roger Moore period. The shows he starred in got progressively further over the top parodying themselves. At least there was some humor - Timothy Dalton was pretty stiff. I liked Pierce Brosnan's efforts - and Daniel Craig seems a tad too serious and the action sequences are way overblown. Brosnan's are as well, but he seemed to have his tongue firmly in cheek.

Let's face it. Sean Connery rules as Agent 007. Unless you disagree - vote in the poll and let's talk about this! Serious stuff here!


Laura said...

I used to like Sean Connery until he made a public statement somewhere (and I wish I could find it) that all women needed a good slapping. Now I'm all "BRING IT ON SEAN CONNERY, YOU DOUCHEHEAD."

Jeffro said...

Yeah, he's a misogynistic hoplophobe all right. Don't care for his stand on personal defense and guns so much, either.