Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bucket List

Of course, The Bucket List is going to lend itself to blog memes - shoulda seen this one coming! I wuz tagged by One Cowgirl.

I'm not sure how many items constitute a complete list, but here goes:

1. New Corvette, nationwide driving tour for as long as it takes until I get bored. This means Washington DC and the Smithsonian plus the historical sites, Nascar races across the country (Bristol #1 fer dern sure), Philadelphia (working on national history here) and other colonial goodies, then head west. Maybe NYC as well, but probably Bowling Green KY (I am in a Vette, after all), Atlanta and other points south. Visit all the relatives and friends that still claim me on way. Who knows what might attract me. I could stop in Denton TX at the Peterbilt plant, for instance. Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore are in the same neck of the woods. I think y'all get the idea - just keep going until I run out of land to drive on. Of course sampling the local cuisine would be included.

2. Drive a Duesenberg. SJ (supercharged) model preferred. I can't imagine owning one - several years ago the basic J Murphy bodied ones started at a cool half million. Maybe I can be friends with Jay Leno and he'll let me ride in one.

3. Drive a Ferrari F40 or F50. An Enzo would work just fine as well.

4. It wouldn't hurt to go to a driving school or three - like The Richard Petty Driving Experience, plus some road racing action.

5. Get involved in local racing - stockers or whatever. Own and drive. Just for fun.

You may notice a common theme here... There is a distinct lack of things like jumping off tall structures with a rubber band tied to me, or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I might consider foreign travel - but only after the domestic scene itch was scratched.

Mmmkay, so who to tag? Who will get a kick out of this?


Morning Glory

Mrs. Grim


If I didn't list ya, feel free to play along anyways!


Mrs Grim said...

Wow, this will be interesting. I'll work on this in the morning.

OneCowgirl said...

I love to drive fast. Best part about living in the west - is that you can easily drive 90 mph on the highway!

MorningGlory said...

Okay, it's done.

Mo K said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that one! I played along :-)