Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Workin' On Him

Meet Bob. Bob is my best friend/landlord/office next door's cat. Bob is a city cat, which is very similar to a city dog. City pets are generally very wary of unknown humans like myself, because it's been their bitter experience that the average human is an asshole and is out to f*(k with them in some way, perhaps hurt or maim them. Farm pets are, as a rule, far more trusting and open. This is Bob's home turf - the front porch of the office next door, and this is as close to him as I've been allowed.

Bob knows about me, and is curious, particularly since I've started trying to bribe him with some dried cat treats. He notices when I come home now, and my pickup attracts his attention. When I'm hauling groceries inside and leave the door open because I have more to fetch, often I'll startle Bob and he dives out of the front seat. On a cool day, if I step outside suddenly, he'll dive out of the warm engine compartment.

He has learned his lesson. He is called Bob for the obvious reason, and his love for warm engines was the cause. His sister died from that attraction. But any kind of noise, and he's outta there.

I actually got him to come towards me and the goodies the other day.

This was after much chirring and purring calls on my part and a his answering meows. I'm for thinking my best strategy is to go to the office porch and just sit on the steps with the food at my feet.

I enjoy challenges like this - it really bothers me that this cat (and so many other domesticated animals) don't trust humans and that there are far too many assholes out there. I want to show this cat it ain't always so.


DFW said...

Beautiful cat. Hope he comes around. If he's feral that takes a lot of patience.

We had a dog named Bob but for completely different reasons ... He showed up at our doorstep one weekend, about 6 weeks old and barked constantly if you weren't holding or petting him. So we called him 'Bob Barker'. Just Bob for short & he was a big dog. He lived almost 16 years and kept many an inspector from completing their job. They would just say "Yeah, everything looks good". If they had only known that if his tail was wagging, he just wanted to be petted.

Jess said...

Good work. Bob was probably a pet at one time, but soon learned people are generally assholes.