Sunday, December 21, 2008

Calvin and the Snowmen

You might remember Calvin and his legendary ability to create dioramas from snow. Here is a collection I got in an email (thanks Ant Gail!)

The bottom panel has actually been "recreated" in real snow somewhere - the picture was on SondraK's site and Firehand noted it as well:

In a true and just world, Bill Watterson would still be cranking out new Calvin and Hobbes material. Aahh, well, he was burned out and better to quit than crank out crap or turn it over to someone else, like so many do. No matter, I still miss ol' Calvin.


Earl said...

The great ones leave too soon, but their art is always worth viewing again, great stuff, how is the snow there?

threecollie said...

Ditto what Earl said...I still read C & H oldies every day on Google...just too great to give up!

Jeffro said...

Earl: what little snow we had is long gone, even if the temps have been below ten degrees almost every morning.

threecollie: I pay for to send comics to my inbox every day, and classic Calvin is one of them. I gotta have my fix.