Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sorry - Not Really

To the gal in the black S10 Blazer who I apparently put into the median today on I69 north of Indy - maybe you shouldn't try to beat me to the left lane I clearly was signaling to move into. When I looked back, the lane was clear and I started over. Seeing how I also need to actually watch where I'm going, too, I didn't see you try to force yourself in that lane to try to "beat" me to it. I looked back, saw the tire smoke, and you coming to a stop in the edge of the median.

I do try to drive to avoid this sort of thing. It wasn't my intention to put you in the median. But, if you are foolish enough to try to race me to a spot and I don't happen to see you - you lose. End of story.


Earl said...

She didn't lose, she just missed taking on something badder than she wanted to tangle with - she was on a cell phone I am sure. Your signals were for someone else. And, look, you don't have a scratch. That is always a good thing, that truck is still pretty and your load light.

farmist said...

"Size matters"

Mo K said...

Indeed, farmist! I've always been a defensive driver, but even more so in my Roadster. It's probably (barely) a step up from a Smart car in squashableness. No way would I even attempt to pull a stunt like she did. That's just idiotic.

I found myself in a potentially fatal scenario on my way to Mom's house last year. On I95 shortly after crossing the VA/NC border, I was in the left lane and just coming up on an 18-wheeler and I didn't realize there was an onramp and a car was coming down to merge, and running out of room. I could only see a brief glimpse of this, and my heart sped up! And we were all going bet. 70-75. Thank God the trucker saw me, I could see him in his side-view mirror-- I knew he wanted to do the right thing and move over for that other vehicle (and none of us have to slam on the brakes at that high speed), but there I was, already up to half of the truck's length, and a guard rail on my other side. Well, when I realized what a predicament I had unintentionally put us in, I floored that little Sky up to get past him as quickly as I could, and the nanosecond I had cleared him, I saw this HUGE grill in my rearview mirror. Not even his headlights, he was that close behind me. Holy crap!
Anyway, I said a few prayers after that one, and thanked that trucker, too, for not crushing me!
Normally I'm very observant and anticipate well. The Sky's field of view is quite limited with larger than normal blindspots with the top up, and there was a steady enough stream of traffic to my right that some of the signs were blocked, but I learned a lesson that day to be even more keenly aware of onramps.