Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's A Hell Of A Life If You Don't Weaken*

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but let me explain a few things and maybe y'all will bear with me.

When I fell and was hospitalized (trip #3 of four), I not only stretched things in my feet too far, I also killed off most of my nerve endings. So now, most of the top of my left foot, and most of my right foot are numb. However, I am susceptible to diabetic nerve pain - where those dead ends seemingly fire randomly and with great intensity - they're like being stabbed with long, very sharp needles. Sometimes I can "feel" the ring on top of my left foot where it was infected.

So my doctor prescribed gabapentin, which is indicated for this very situation. It's not really a pain pill, but it's close. One of the side effects seem to be to have a rubbery face, and the need to sleep. Even now, with a full belly from supper, I'm fighting it big time.

But it has been less than effective at times. Seems I've got a bit of RLS going on as well. Sometimes I get major needle pricks in fully functional nerves - like the ones in my nads. The epitome of uncomfortableness. So I'm on Lyrica as well now. And I get even more sleepy. And for the times nothing is working, I have a scrip for generic Percocet.

Okay, now we have a perpetually sleepy Jeffro. But that ain't all. My diuretics are timed as far as when I take them for maximum effectiveness. I take one, then within a half hour or so, I take the next one, then I take Klor-Con so it can hit when I need it the most. So when everything is working, I'm fighting a full bladder every half hour to maybe two hours max - but rarely. Should I decide not to take the diuretics until later in the day so I can be less bothered while getting in a doctor's appointment, shopping at Wally World and so on. This generally means less time peeing, so that means more water retained and less weight dropped in the day. So lately I've been trying to time my trips to Dodge later in my peeing cycle.

I've also taken to riding the fat man buggies at Wally World. I've no choice - I cannot walk that far, period. I also have a handicapped parking permit for my ride as well.

Speaking of weight loss - I broke the 400#  barrier earlier. This morning I was 393 something. Considering how much tea I've had today, I would not be surprised if I lose ground tomorrow morning.

Oh, and that liquid restriction I'm on? Turns out I need to drink more fluids. Oh, damn.

At the moment, my INR is too high and I'm off the rat poison until it drops. I'm still anemic as hell.

I've also got that hybrid elliptical up and running - I just need to feel stout enough to use the damn thing. I ran it for five minutes the other day and it liked to kill me off.

Heh. I just had to clean up a super long string of the letter "k" because I fell asleep for a moment and was apparently gonna use it or something. This is about the third or fourth time I've had to clean up some sleepy typing while trying to finish the post.

So that is my life. Sleepy all the time because I cannot stay asleep - I get it in discreet intervals where I wake up with perhaps the keyboard still depressed and the sudden and immediate urge to get somewhere, anywhere to relieve my over full bladder. It's race time then, baybee. I'm also ever so gradually losing that water weight so perhaps I'll be ready and in shape enough for the heart surgeon to fix my leaky heart valve.

So, my days and nights and weeks all tend to run together. Jed, I'm sorry I haven't finished the email I had written for ya - it just sorta got lost in the "routine," as it were. Jess, I hope this helps out some. I'm not doing the best I can, but it is a fight.

*One of the favorite sayings of an old gentleman I worked for in wheat harvest so many years ago.


threecollie said...

Darn, that is hard stuff you are dealing with. Pulling for you as best we can....

Anonymous said...

"Broke 400# barrier" - from the top or from the bottom? I mean, did you weigh more than 400# before?

So sorry for the "needles in nerves" thing, that sounds like particularly nasty torture.
You're a fighter, Jeff.
Proud to know you.

Jeffro said...

Coming down. I originally weighed about 360# when this all started(carrying quite a bit of water weight even then), but I ballooned right up there to almost 440# at one point. I weighed 425 when I came home from the hospital.

Jess said...

I can only pray your task becomes easier and your body quits fighting your effort.

Thanks for the update.

jed said...

Hey, Jeffro, don't you worry none about me. I mean, I'm touched (no not that way), but glad to hear your still at home, just dozing off, rather than back in the hospital with a tube up your willie. But phantom nut pain? Oooph!

Thing is, it's working, sounds like. Down 10%, and that's good news. The elliptical will get better with time too -- just take it slow and easy.

The liquid thing is kind of odd. But I guess the system needs a certain amount coming in just to maintain function.

R said...

You might consider condom (not the fun kind) caths and a leg bag if taking your diaretics as directed is keeping housebound or preventing sleep.

Anonymous said...

Agree with R here, a "Texas" catheter and a leg bag could be very helpful, especially when out-and-about. Might help you get out more. Still praying for your progress.

jed said...

Yeah, Jeffro, you could play astronaut!

NASA condom sizes.

I guess that's a whole new take on the pilot relief tube.

We talked about this before. Diff'rent context, though.

Dad Bones said...

I can only imagine that it must be the struggle of a lifetime, Jeffro. As always, pulling for you all the way.

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