Saturday, July 13, 2013

Awww, Geeez

I know y'all are used to me posting political cartoons that get under my skin or make a point.

But today's strip from Overboard got under my skin in a somewhat different manner.

Don't be buying some purebreed over bred expensive freaking animal from some breeder. Save one of the many totally suitable critters at the local pound or animal shelter. They'll love ya with all their hearts. You just have to give them that chance.

I know this to be true.


drjim said...

Yep. We've been looking for a couple of dogs to replace the two the kids took with them when they moved.

We've had several different adoption groups bring 3 different pairs by (we want two dogs), and we're having one of the pairs over as "house guests" for a few days starting tomorrow.

And this week we'll be going to a couple of the local shelters that have 'play areas' so we can get the poor little critters out of their cages and interact with them.

The next door has a buddy who does rescue, and he was going to bring a couple of pups by, but called at the last minute and told us one of the other clients who'd seen his dogs had decided to get them, so we never got to meet them.

I really miss having a smiling, wagging, dog (or two!) to come home to!

Jeffro said...

Good luck and hope everything works out!

I can't really have a dog unless I fence in the backyard here or something - I can't keep one locked up inside all day. And it is a rental, so I'm not wild about having a cat, even though I know my landlord would not mind at all. Honestly, I'm not sure I want the responsibility after losing Rooster.

The last two dogs I had were rescues, more or less, and the last couple cats were as well. They damn sure did their part as far as being a good pet for me.

drjim said...

Animals aren't stupid...they know who feeds them, waters them, and cares for them, especially dogs.

Get one that's had to struggle to barely survive from a shelter, treat them right, and you'll have a best buddy for life!