Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Should

Be watching Hell on Wheels on AMC if you aren't already. Great acting and writing. So far every episode has been an eye opener for sure - lots of unexpected plot twists.

Sis got me hooked last year during the first season. She had Dish, who is currently having a spat with AMC and currently does not carry that channel. Sis now has DirecTV. It does not do to get crosswise with my sister.

Last Sunday's episode finally put the main male and female leads in the ten toes up/down position, which we'd all seen coming for all of last season and this one, too. This song was featured for a montage of scenes that included that particular plot point, plus others. Never have been much for buying folk music, but this song is haunting and plaintive. Enjoy!


Annabel Annabel where did you go?
I’ve looked high and I’ve looked low
Oh I’ve looked low and I’ve looked high
Tell me where does the spirit go when you die?
Oh where does the spirit go when you die?


The Local Malcontent said...

The boy and I are hooked on "Breaking Bad", so of course we have looked in on "Hell on Wheels" too. You're right, it seems to be well written show; I did not know it was only the first season, so it would not be hard to catch up.
'Breaking Bad' is as addictive as their meth is, with the most bizarre plot twists imaginable.
Ever watch that,Jeffro?

Bob D said...

Your right, that is a great song....