Tuesday, October 23, 2007

People of the Gun

Well, whaddya know - I'm on the People of the Gun website.

Thanks, Jeff Soyer.


Mo K said...

Kewl! Mebbe I'll submit a pic, too.

BTW, that's quite a nasty lookin' beast ya bagged. Tasty, too, I'll bet. When's the Pig Roast? ;-)

Jeffro said...

Heck yeah! You and Mr. Mo too!

That pic was taken several years ago. My neighbor and I decided since he was an old boar, the meat would be pretty rank. We left him there, and even the coyotes left him alone.

I wrote up a little story to go with all the pics I took, and emailed it out at the time. While prepping my new laptop, I found the old pictures, but not any text. I'll probably rewrite it and post the story.